Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Comments & Conversations with Cole...

We are having some pretty funny comments from & conversations with Cole lately. The mind of an almost three year old is amazing. These don't come close to all of the sweet/funny/silly things he has said lately, but I wanted to at least get these "memorialized" before I forgot any more. As you read, try to imagine him saying these things with a rapidly developing thick southern drawl, which adds to the humor most of the time!

Savannah: "Thank you."
Cole: "I welcome."

"I love you so much! MmmHmm"

"Daddy my hero. Daddy my Daddy's hero."

"Daddy my best friend, Pavannah (Savannah) my best friend, Mommy my best friend, everybody my best friend."

Regarding the horses in the field we pass each morning...
"That Black Beauty and Black Beauty friends, playin' on the playground."

Cole: "Mommy, where is God?"
Mommy: "God is everywhere. He is always with us."
Cole: "Oh"

"Just one more big luvins'"

"Stay with me."

After doing/saying something he thinks if funny...
Cole: (Laughs) "I/That funny Mommy?" (Laughs)
Mommy: "Yes Cole, you are funny" (Laughs too!)

"You sick? (gives a kiss) I make you feel better?"

Going to a public restroom with Mommy...
Cole: "We go to the gurlz?"
Mommy: "Yes, you go to the girls' potty when Mommy takes you."
Cole: (pointing to the door of the Men's restroom) "That one for friends?"

Mommy: "Cole can you say my name?"
Cole: "Sara Jo"
Mommy: "Can you say Savannah?"
Cole: "Pavannah"
Mommy: "No. Savannah. You can say Sara Jo, why can't you say Savannah?"
Cole: "I can say Sara Jo and Pavannah....(points to Daddy) Matt!"

Daddy: "Cole, can I have a big luvins?"
Cole: "I don't have any more big luvins."
Mommy: "Cole, do you have any little luvins you can give Daddy?"
Cole: "Yeah" (gives Daddy "little" luvins)
Mommy: "Cole do you think your little luvins can grow to be big luvins?"
Cole: "Yeah, (laughs) they grow."

In response to asking Cole to repeat ANYTHING...
"I just did."