Friday, December 5, 2008

Cole & Savannah funnies

Cole's Funny

After bath tonight we were on the phone with Uncle B. Savannah was telling him that she was putting on her chapstick. B asked me if I had read Mindy's blog entry that tells what Hannah calls chapstick (which is "crap-tick" if you are not going to click on the link & read it yourself). Anyway, I said "yes isn't that hilarious", and Matt says "what does she call it?" So since we are talking in front of the kids I say "C-R-A-P-T-I-C-K". This is the conversation that followed:

Cole: No Hannah doesn't.
Mommy: Yes she does.
Cole: No she doesn't.
Mommy: Yes she does. That's silly isn't it Cole.
Cole: (Laughing) It is silly. I call it C-M-O-H!

(I am still laughing!!!!)

Savannah's funny

Last week on our road trip we stopped at McDonald's on the way out of town. Cole & Savannah each got a happy meal that had a zebra toy in it from the Madagascar movie (i think). Anyway, the zebra says two things:

"Holla at ya' boys" and "You guys are crazy"

As I was buckling up Savannah when I picked them up from school yesterday, the zebra started "talking" (it does this whenever it gets slightly bumped, you can imagine how much I love this happy meal toy).

When Savannah heard the zebra she said:

"Crazy boys!"

Sometimes I think God blessed us with children just so we could laugh!

p.s. Mom - please forgive me for typing the word "crap" two, I mean three times!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

So much to be thankful for!

My little Princess

My little Monkey
Happy Belated Thanksgiving to All!

I think the problem is....

We have had a whirlwind of a week...

On Monday, the director at the kids preschool called to tell me that Savannah had a 102.3 temperature. By the time I got to pick her up it was 103.2. We headed straight to the doctor. (Yep sure enough we were going to be traveling for Thanksgiving!) Thank goodness it wasn't an ear infection (thank you whoever invented tubes for the ears) & the rapid strep test was negative, but her throat looked like strep so we got antibiotics. The next morning Savannah is feeling better & looks more like she is playing hookie than having a sick day!

On Monday night/Tuesday Matt comes down with a 24 hour stomach bug that we think he caught from Cole who was sick last Friday. (Yep we are still considering traveling for Thanksgiving.)

On Wednesday we decide that since Matt & Savannah are feeling better we will go ahead with our plans to travel to Matt's brother's for a Moss Family Thanksgiving. We get everything loaded and into the car a few hours later than we had hoped, and the DVD player power cord had blown a fuse the last time we used it, and we had to stop to get the oil changed, and we went a couple of different places to look for a replacement fuse, and we had to stop by the grocery store to pick up a couple of things I needed to take with us, and we had to pick up some lunch, and we had to go back home to take the smelly trash out. So we finally got on the interstate about two hours after we left home - the first time - without a replacement fuse for the DVD player power cord, but with a power solution rigged for the DVD player, that only lasted about half of the trip. Yeah, we arrived at our destination at about 11:00 PM. It was a LONG Wednesday, but everyone was feeling better so that was good.

Thursday we had a really nice Thanksgiving dinner at Mike & Lorri's. Cole & Savannah had a REALLY good time playing with their cousins and getting spoiled by Nana & Pawpaw. Right before we sat down to eat Matt started getting sick again. We guess it wasn't a 24 hour bug!

The Moss Girls - Courtney & Savannah

The Moss Boys - Josh, Justin, & Cole

The Moss Boys Wrestling

Cole LOVES his cousin Courtney.

Savannah gave Uncle Mike some special luvins!

Did I mention that Cole & Savannah LOVE their cousin Courtney. They wanted to wear scarves just like her!

Gotta love that smile!

We drove over to see a Christmas lights display at an assisted living complex. It was one of the best & most detailed displays I have ever seen that isn't commercially done. This "ski lift" was part of the display.
Matt took some medicine hoping to make himself feel better on our way back to the hotel Thursday evening. Ummm, it apparently made him worse because at 1:30 AM I was knocking on Nana & Pawpaw's door asking them to take him to the ER. Yeah, it was that bad. (Did I mentioned we considered not traveling for Thanksgiving?) He got back from the ER at 6:00 AM feeling some better & proceeded to rest for the remainder of Friday. I was ready to come home before anyone else got sick, but we decided to stay since we were there so that we could have a little more family time & so Matt could rest.
This morning we left the hotel around 6:30 AM. Matt was feeling back to normal & was even driving. We took a "backroads" route that the GPS mapped for us. It was a beautiful, curvy, two lane road through Amish countryside. We saw lots of farms and several horse & buggies (check out the road sign below).
(Queasy Stomachs Quit Reading Here)
Not too long after I took this picture I heard Savannah give a little cough, and then gag. I turned around to see her tummy emptied all over her in her car seat. (Yeah, did I mention I wanted to go home yesterday before someone else got sick?) Luckily there was a farm right there & we were able to pull over quickly to get Savannah & her seat cleaned up. We started on our way again and had to stop one more time to go through the clean up process again. The rest of the drive home was fairly uneventful - thank goodness - and the kids were really good considering a) Savannah felt awful and b) the battery on the DVD player only lasted about 1.5 hours.
Cole managed to break his helicopter toy not long before we got home. His response to the broken helicopter was "I think the problem is...." at this point Matt & I laughed so loud that I don't actually know what Cole thinks the problem was with the helicopter.
I tell you what I think the problem is....we shouldn't ever travel or ever invite family to our home, because EVERY time we do someone gets sick or hurt.
And yes, we are planning to travel for Christmas!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tricycles, Stickers, & Christmas Tree...oh my!

It was a productive weekend around the Moss household. Matt & I (mostly Matt, who am I kidding) got a lot of things done around the house this weekend. It is nice to enter the new week with a sense of accomplishment. The kids did manage to have some fun while Mama & Daddy were being busy bees. Lucky for me, the kids like to "help" me clean, so I hand them some baby wipes & tell them to clean their toys. It actually does help!

I realized Friday morning that if we didn't decorate for Christmas this weekend, it wouldn't happen this year. Matt & I put the tree up & lit it last night, and the kids helped decorate it today. It was a fun family time. It is so much fun to see the anticipation Savannah & Cole have for Christmas this year. We hope to put a desire of giving on their hearts that far outweighs the desire of receiving. The holidays viewed through the eyes of a child is such a blessing of pure joy!

One Saturday in November...

On the second Saturday morning in November, Buzz Lightyear dropped in and built us a log cabin...all by himself. See his masterpiece below!

Cole, Savannah, & sidewalk chalk....what a mess!

Serious faces

We went to family movie night at church and saw the new VeggieTales movie.
In the car, after the movie....

Cole:Mommy, you know what ?
Mommy: What Cole?
Cole: Bob & Larry have feet.

Savannah's Second 2nd Birthday Party

Ready to blow out those candles!
Savannah LOVES her purse from Great Mama & Great Granddaddy!

Crocs, Crocs, Crocs

Thank you Hannah for my Cabbage Patch baby!

Savannah's birthday party was actually on her birthday this year. It was Minnie Mouse themed. We were blessed to have lots of family & friends come to celebrate with us. Thank you all!

Savannah's First 2nd Birthday Party

Nana & Pawpaw were not able to come to Savannah's big birthday party this year, so we had a little one with just them!

Savannah on her tricycle from Mama & Daddy.

Nana giving Savannah her princess helmet.

"Yeah, this cake is crash test certified."

"Icing only for me please."

"So can I eat the cake now??"

Soccer ended....a long time ago....

Cole in action!

Cole's signature move. It is called "Mama, I thirsty!"

Cole's final throw in of the season.

This one was staged...but he looks like a natural!

They were bribed with cake to take the picture at their end of season party. It worked!

Ummmm, three might have been a little young to start organized sports....