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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Cole!!!

Three years ago today Matt & I were blessed beyond our wildest dreams with a most precious gift from God. Cole arrived at 11:52 am that day and our lives have not been the same since that moment. The flood of love that filled our hearts when he was born continues to grow more and more everyday. Today we sat down with Cole and looked at pictures from his first few months of life. It was so sweet to listen to him talk about being a "tiny baby". Cole is such a joy, and though he tries our patience quite regularly, I know that he is jut growing and trying to understand the world around him. Happy Birthday Cole!!!

In the hospital

3 weeks old - Praying Hands

6 weeks old - I caught him sleeping just like this a few nights ago!

Cole's 1st Birthday Party

1st Birthday - Cole developed a love for birthday cake very quickly.

Running around in a onesie at the zoo on his second birthday...that's what happens when mom forgets to pack an extra outfit!

2nd Birthday - Enjoying his new T-ball set

Today - Thank you Aunt Mindy, Uncle Chris, & Hannah - Cole loves his story reader!!

Our little man on his 3rd Birthday!

I asked Cole this morning what today was & he replied "It's my birthday cake", I said "No. It's just your birthday." He said "NO! It's my birthday cake!"