Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sparkle Factor Designs

My best friend Mindy & her mom Joni have started a business to add that special touch to your day. Their first product is hairbows for little girls. Check them out frequently as they will be adding new products on a regular basis. You can always get to them from my "Links I Love" section!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rivalry week...Start 'Em Young, Raise 'Em Right

Matt did a wonderful thing for me at Christmas. He got Cole and Savannah each t-shirts with Duke and Arkansas logos on them. This was a BIG deal because he really doesn't like either of my favorite teams. So I really appreciate him humoring me with the shirts for the kids. I couldn't let college basketball rivalry week pass without saying how awesome it was to see the Duke boys win in Chapel Hill. What a wonderful time it is to take down the Tarheels on their turf. Anyway, here are some cute pics of the kids in their Duke shirts! Cole wants to wear his all the time now!!! I LOVE IT!

"Look sista, I wear my Duke shirt!"

How academic is reading Dr. Seuss?

Proud to be Duke fans!

Where's Cole?

Drinking milk is Duke!

Savannah holding her baby doll

Just chillin'

My little engineers...

Conversation with Cole before the stomach virus week:

Cole: "Mommy I drive Toby (one of the Thomas the Tank engines)"
Mommy: "You will"
Cole: "Yes, I sit in front seat. You and Daddy sit in back seat."
Mommy: "Where will Savannah sit?"
Cole: "Next to me!!!"

Sick of it...


I am soooooo ready for cold/flu/germ season to be over! On the morning of Friday, February 1 at around 5:30 AM the evil stomach virus made its presence known in the Moss household. It didn't go away until Friday, February 8! Everyone got sick but me. Savannah got it twice, Cole got it twice, Matt had it once. It was terrible. The thing about this virus with the kids was that they would be better - eating normal stuff, acting like themselves - for a full 24+ hours and then they would vomit again - just one more time for old time's sake! Cole chose a Chick-fil-A for his round two vomiting fest - we won't be going there again any time soon. And this brings me to the real subject of my post. I am cursed! When I was pregnant with Cole, Matt & I were having dinner with some friends at a little pizza buffet place that had just opened. In the middle of our dinner a family came into the restaurant with several kids. Not very long after they got there, the youngest little boy (older toddler age) took off for the bathroom with his pregnant mother. They didn't make it. The little boy vomited all over the floor by our table - the kind that splatters on surrounding shoes (I told you this wasn't for you if you had a weak stomach). I felt so sorry for the mom. I got her some napkins and opened the bathroom door for her so that she could get cleaned up without having to touch the door handle with vomit hands. She was very appreciative. All I could think was, "Please don't let this ever happen to me..." She must have cursed me. It must be some kind of reverse "pay it forward" thing. Since Cole's arrival a little over 2 1/2 years ago he has thrown up in the following public places: The Emporium at Disney World, Blue Coast Burrito, Otters, and most recently Chick-fil-A. I think I may have blocked a couple of other times out of my memory - or he has just thrown up so much at home that it feels like it should be more times. See Cole has an incredibly sensitive gag reflex. And he freaks out hysterically every time he throws up. It is terrible. So today, at Cracker Barrel our food had just arrived at the table, and Savannah threw better not be that stupid evil stomach virus again!!!!! So to the mommy whose child got sick at the pizza buffet place 3 years ago...NO THANK YOU for cursing me with public vomiting as a part of my children's lives!!!!