Saturday, July 5, 2008

May 2008

May held lots of funny moments for us...mostly after the kids went to sleep as Cole found some interesting places to fall asleep. The pictures below capture a few of those - but definately not all of them. We had a trip to the zoo with Phillip & Ellen, played at the park, and just goofed off alot.

We were thankful that he chose to fall asleep on something that was easy to slide out from under the bed. We successfully moved him into bed without waking him up!

Fell asleep under the bed - AGAIN.

He must have gotten bored of falling asleep under his bed, so he decided to fall asleep in Savannah's crib....more than once. It is a lot more difficult to lift him out of a crib than it used to be - especially when he is sound asleep!!

Savannah & Cole bring us so much joy. Thanks for letting us share it with you!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cole's 3rd Birthday Party Weekend Pics

Well this post is REALLY LATE, but better late than never, right? We had Cole's birthday party on Memorial Day weekend - one week before his birthday. Nana, Pawpaw, Gram Gram, Papa G, Great Mama, Great Granddaddy, & Aunt Candace were all able to come into town for the festivities. Because of the holiday weekend not many of Cole's friends were able to make it, but we are so glad that the Peden's & the McCullough's were in town & able to come celebrate with us! We had a nice lunch, Cole opened way to many presents, and had some yummy cake & ice cream. It was lots of fun and we really appreciate everyone who came & made it so special.

Nana, Pawpaw, Cole, & Savannah

Cole was very excited to see Bryant!

Savannah giving Gram Gram a "haa" (hug)

Presents...for me??

They learn about money way to early!

Jammin' on the "geetar"

So Mickey Mouse had a bit of a tan....FYI - it only takes a little food coloring

Cole & Great Daddy

Papa G & Great Mama

These boys were serious about their cake & ice cream!

Savannah enjoyed hers too!

Who got Lincoln Logs for his birthday...Cole or Uncle B???

I think we know what to get Bryan for Christmas...

Playing checkers at Cracker Barrel

This one is mine, and this one is mine, and this one...

Great Mama & Gram Gram