Monday, August 18, 2008

Should I be a soccer mom???

Cole had his first soccer "practice" tonight. I wish I could post a picture, but I forgot the camera. Practice had just started when, oops, Savannah fell off the bleachers. She was fine, it just scared her more than anything, but it doesn't make a mommy feel too good to see her baby laying on the ground underneath where she is sitting. Then Cole didn't want to stay on the field because his shinguards were too small and it hurt to wear them. Ummmmm I suppose we should have tried those on before we got to the field. When practice was over, Matt tried to toss me Cole's jersey and it landed on another mom's head - which he of course felt terrible about. I guess the one redeeming thing is that on the way to the minivan after practice Cole kept screaming "I want to go back and play soccer ball!" So we will try again, maybe we can make more memories on the field next week!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Four years and counting....

A LOT can happen in four years!! I love you Matt!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning Laugh

Conversation on the way to school...

Mama: Cole would you like to say our prayer?
Cole: (said with a why did you wake me up so early voice) No! You!
Mama: Savannah would you like to say our prayer?
Savannah: (looks at Cole for confirmation, and then with the exact same tone & scowl as Cole) No! You!

Standing at the sink at school after using the potty...

Cole: Mommy can you do me a favorite?
Mama: Do you mean favor?
Cole: Yeah, can you get me some soap?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The County Fair

Friday night we surprised the kids by taking them to the fair. They had such a good time. The first thing they did was a pretend day in the life of a farmer. They got to plant seeds, harvest corn, soy beans, potatoes, tomatoes, & peppers, pick apples, milk the cow, drive the tractor, feed the chickens, gather eggs, sell their goods at the farmers market, and purchase something in the store with their earnings. We skipped the petting zoo at the end, but Cole did ride on the pony. We all rode the carousel & Cole had his first "roller coaster" experience. What is a fair without funnel cake & cotton candy?? - so we all shared those treats too!

My little farmers waiting to get their corn & soy beans.

Poor Cole kept having to pull up his shorts. Bless his skinny little booty!

"Feeding" the chickens

"Driving" the John Deere
"Planting" the seeds

Just for fun!

Cole was really excited to ride on the pony. Savannah wanted no part of it - so she helped me take pictures & video. Of course, once the ponies started moving, all she wanted was to be on one with Bubba.

Cole's favorite part of the evening was riding the caterpillar roller coaster. I didn't really care for the way that it jerked him around, but he loved it. The big boy who sat next to him helped buckle him up. Cole thought that was really cool.

"Is this candy?" - Cole loved it! Savannah took two bites, said "Yummy", and then wanted no more cotton candy. Little miss priss wanted CLEAN hands!

Too tired to stand up, but not ready to go home!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

July 2008

July is a blur. I can't believe it has come & gone, but at least we documented a little bit of it!! Somehow we managed to take no pictures of our 4th of July adventure. But thanks to Ellen, Alaina & Phillip for letting us tag along for dinner & fireworks!

(Drumroll) And most importantly, Cole conquered potty training in July. Now that is exciting news!

Cole has a few (hahaha) trains. He lined them all up on his windowsills and got very upset if you tried to move them out of the order he put them in. I don't know where he gets that from....

Savannah figured out how to open the "childproof" lock we had on our doorknob. So much for that safety measure. She decided that she was going bye-bye. Where she went...we will never know.

I just love her expression.

Doesn't he look just like his Daddy??? (just kidding Matt!)

Cole grew his first mustache in July.

He got glasses too. We had to take them back to be adjusted.

He looks so serious playing in his glasses.

If Bubba has them, Savannah has to have them too!

Ta-Da! Look at Cole's Potato Heads!

Aunt Alaina, Uncle Phillip, & Ellen came over to eat & play. Ellen was too pooped to play Potato Head with Savannah & Cole. If you want to see what happens when Ellen is too tired to play Potato Head click here and scroll to the bottom picture. It was a fun Friday night with friends!

Talkin' on the phone with Nana.

Mr. Helpful

We went to the zoo with the Peden crew one July morning. Bryant & Cole were loving the meerkat tunnel.

All four of them sort of looking at the camera. (Cole, Bryant, Savannah, & Ellia)

Did I mention that if Cole is doing something Savannah MUST do the very same thing?

Aunt Mindy, Uncle Chris, & Hannah came over for lunch one Sunday. It was a long overdue visit with friends. I used the fact that we didn't get to celebrate Hannah's birthday with her as an excuse to have cupcakes for dessert. They all enjoyed their cupcakes.....

...but something makes me think Savannah enjoyed hers the most!

June 2008

Uhhhh....we didn't take ANY pictures in June (except for the ones of Cole on his birthday that I have already posted). Oops!

Pretending Cole

While 3 seems to be a "challenging" age for a child, it is also a very precious time. A couple of today's pretending moments by Cole:

  • Cole turns over his Elmo chair onto its back, sits on his knees behind it, and declares "Does anyone want a ice cream? Can I get you a ice cream??? You want a ice cream (points to the Lightening McQueen bouncy ball to his right, and then gets up and rolls it in front of his "ice cream stand", then returns to his post behind the stand)? What kind of ice cream do you want (said to the bouncy ball of course)? (pause) "Mommy I have to go potty." Cole runs to the bathroom, the ice cream stand game is over.
  • In the car today Cole sang a beautiful rendition of London Bridge is Falling Down, picked up his play cellphone, and said "Hello. Cookie Monster? Can I talk to Big Bird?"
Oh what a wonderful imagination he has been blessed with!