Friday, December 5, 2008

Cole & Savannah funnies

Cole's Funny

After bath tonight we were on the phone with Uncle B. Savannah was telling him that she was putting on her chapstick. B asked me if I had read Mindy's blog entry that tells what Hannah calls chapstick (which is "crap-tick" if you are not going to click on the link & read it yourself). Anyway, I said "yes isn't that hilarious", and Matt says "what does she call it?" So since we are talking in front of the kids I say "C-R-A-P-T-I-C-K". This is the conversation that followed:

Cole: No Hannah doesn't.
Mommy: Yes she does.
Cole: No she doesn't.
Mommy: Yes she does. That's silly isn't it Cole.
Cole: (Laughing) It is silly. I call it C-M-O-H!

(I am still laughing!!!!)

Savannah's funny

Last week on our road trip we stopped at McDonald's on the way out of town. Cole & Savannah each got a happy meal that had a zebra toy in it from the Madagascar movie (i think). Anyway, the zebra says two things:

"Holla at ya' boys" and "You guys are crazy"

As I was buckling up Savannah when I picked them up from school yesterday, the zebra started "talking" (it does this whenever it gets slightly bumped, you can imagine how much I love this happy meal toy).

When Savannah heard the zebra she said:

"Crazy boys!"

Sometimes I think God blessed us with children just so we could laugh!

p.s. Mom - please forgive me for typing the word "crap" two, I mean three times!