Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend trip to Florida

That's my girl, watching the game!!!

Cole & Ben at the football game

Matt, Savannah, Ben, Cristina, & Cole - on the sidelines at the end of the game

We took a quick trip to Florida for a long weekend to visit Daniel, Cristina, and Ben. It was funny how many times people asked us if Cole & Ben were twins. These cousins were born about 6 months apart. Cole is the oldest, but Ben outweighs him by at least 6 pounds and is a few inches taller. We went to the beach on Friday and had a sandy picnic lunch. After naps & dinner we headed to the football field to watch Uncle Daniel (or "Ben's Dad" as Cole said) coach. On Saturday we hit the pool for a little while. A trip is not complete for the Moss familiy without Cole getting sick or hurt, so he kept with tradition by coming down with an unexplained 101.9 fever on Saturday night that was gone when we woke up Sunday morning. The boys had such a good time playing together, and Savannah made sure she was in the middle of whatever they were up to. Cole was very disappointed when we had to leave. He wanted Ben to ride on the airplane with us.


Just chillin'

getting tips from Coach Len

There isn't much to say about soccer. We spend most of the time just trying to keep Cole on the field when it is his turn to play. He does look cute all dressed in his soccer gear though!!

A Day Out with Thomas

We had such a good time at "A Day Out with Thomas" this year. Cole & Savannah each got Thomas "too-tats" and played with the train sets. Of course, the highlight of the event was the train ride. We definitely enjoyed the event more this year than last!

"Look Mommy, I'm a junior engineer!"

All grown up...