Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Raising the Roof

Earlier this week we came home to a notice from our home owners' association letting us know of a meeting coming up to discuss replacement of the roof on the townhomes and the financing of the replacement. Following is the comments made after I told Matt about the notice.

Matt:"Who's going to pay for that?"


(Much laughter followed!)

Oh we are raising a political genius!!


Mindy said...

That is hilarious!

Mimmy said...

At least he is "politically" aware enough to know there is an Obama. I'm quite sure there are many kids in this country who if asked who are president was couldn't answer. Keep up the good work kids. We love you.

Aunt Joyce

Mimmy said...

Sara Jo - Do you know how I can get rid of this trash can at the end of my comments? I deleted my first post a very long time ago to Patrice because I messed it up royally. Now I can't get rid of the evidence!!!!

Aunt Joyce

Mimmy said...

Thanks Sara Jo. I guess that explains why I can't see anybody elses. Dummy here thought I was the only one who had one. DUH!!!