Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Beach - Day 4

Cole started his day off by getting back into bed - his outside bed that is. He loved to take the towels we had drying outside and make a "bed" out of them.
Savannah started her day out screaming & crying. Partially for good reason, she rubbed sunscreen in her eye. She produced plenty of tears to wash it out though. Cole & Savannah both HATE getting their sunscreen put on. They scream & cry through the entire process which only makes it take twice as long as it would if they would just sit still. It is going to be a LONG summer....

"What mommy?"

We attempted to make a sand castle again...Savannah destroyed it.

Savannah thought pouring her water bottle into the bucket was a real treat.

Eating some fruit snacks in the shade.
I took Savannah inside to change her diaper, so Daddy & Cole rushed to make a sand castle in the peace of a Savannah-less beach. They did a great job. They were just finishing up when Savannah & I got back on the beach....

....Savannah finished it off. She managed to destroy it in no time flat making her way around to each dome one at a time & flattening it.

Then she stood back and looked at all that she had conquered. (Check out those feet buried in the sand! She definitely conquered her fear of sand this week.)
Cole standing triumphant on what is left of his sand castle. His comment during the destruction "Oh no! Pavannah!" (spoken with a heavy southern drawl, and that is not a typo - that is how he says her name!)

Gotta love the after nap time grin!

We went out for a really yummy dinner, and then went to ride the airplane. Cole has been asking to do this every day since we went to play mini golf. He has also been asking to play "putt-putt" every day. We didn't play golf again, but we did take him to ride the airplane. We were afraid he would be scared to do it alone (no grown ups allowed on this one), but he had a great time.

Savannah, who usually hates the carousel, really enjoyed her carousel ride tonight.

We had one ticket left, so Cole decided he wanted to ride on the kiddy ferris wheel. I couldn't believe that he didn't get upset. He did so great. He stood in line and handed his ticket to the worker all by himself. He is just getting way too big!

We did some shopping at a tourist's shop, stopped for some homemade key lime pie, took a stroll on the beach, and then got ready for bed. One thing about this place - it is not childproof. Savannah thought playing peek-a-boo inside the cabinet was very funny. Cole got in on the fun too (cabinet to the left), but somehow I didn't get his picture.
So our Moss party of four vacation is coming to a close. It has been a fun time. We have watched almost no TV, sang lots of songs, played in the sand, swam in the pool, let the waves tickle our toes, and eaten very well. Tomorrow it is back to reality and Cole's question of "Where is our home?" How do you explain to a two year old, that home is not a place, it is the family you love and the feelings you have when you are with them?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beach - Day 3

Today was another beautiful day on the beach. It was warm & breezy. Savannah & Cole only took about 5 minutes to warm up to the sand today. They even enjoyed splashing in the water as the waves crashed onto the sand. Savannah kept wanting to go back for more. She said "outside, beach" all day. We built a sand castle, but before it was finished, Cole was tearing it down. It was fun to build it together though. Cole dropped his snack so Matt decided to feed it to the pigeons. They came swooping in & both Cole & Savannah thought this was great fun. Matt had missed picking up one of the fallen crackers, so Cole picked it up and threw it to the pigeons yelling "Eat my cracker birds, eat my cracker". Needless to say, they ate it. Everyone sitting around us is quite entertained by Savannah & Cole. After lunch, a nap, and me burning the back of my legs (it really hurts to sit down), we got ready for dinner, took some pictures from our balcony, and headed to a local dive on the harbor. We ended the day with another evening swim & then a bedtime snack. All in all a great day. (Although I could have done without the sunburn!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beach - Day 2

Well day 2 started very similar to day 1 - they didn't like the sand. Evidence below with their feet in their chairs. I thought kids liked to get dirty? They both love to play in the sandbox at school....
With the Elmo kite high in the air, it didn't take long to get Cole out of the chair!

Savannah had to finish her snack before she left her chair. It wasn't long before she got over her fear of being dirty - she was covered from head to toe in sand and salt water! Both Cole & Savannah had so much fun playing in the sand today. They both enjoyed getting dirty more when they realized they could rinse their hands off in a bucket of salt water. It was so fun to watch them play. They were fascinated by the birds and wanted to chase them. Savannah still doesn't want to put her feet in the ocean, but Cole will let the water tickle his toes.

We went to dinner at a restaurant on the beach. They served the kid's meals in a bucket with a shovel. The kids both had mini corn dogs - which they LOVE! Savannah literally shoveled hers in!

After dinner we drove around a little bit and then came back to the condo for a night swim. Cole & Savannah were unsure of getting in the pool. Savannah warmed up to the idea more quickly than Cole did, but eventually Cole got in too. They ended up loving it & didn't want to get out. Apparently it was one of our better activity ideas, because after some fruit snacks Savannah was calling out "Bed, bed, bed" and Cole went to sleep right after his head hit the pillow - and that NEVER happens!

There is nothing as beautiful & peaceful as a sleeping child!